Saturday 25 November 2017 has been designated as “Orange Day” by the UN to raise awareness against violence towards women and girls. The overarching theme of ‘Orange Day’ is “Leave No One Behind: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls”. Orange being a vibrant and optimistic colour it represents a future free of violence.

Nathanial is a Year 10 student from Parklands Christian College who is enrolled in the CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering through our Students As Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI). Nathanial loves sport and has a passion for giving back to his sporting community. He has dedicated time to volunteering at the Jimboomba Little Athletics Centre where he undertakes a variety of tasks including coaching younger athletes.

Bianca (or better known to her friends as Cozi) is a Year 12 student from Everton Park State School who has completed the CHC24015 Certificate II in Active volunteering through our Students as Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI). Only 20 hours was required to complete the course; however Cozi volunteered over 100 hours of her time!

Mt Maria College Year 12 student Blake is completing a CHC24015 Certificate II in Active volunteering through our Students as Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI). Blake volunteers in the Religious Education Department at the school where he undertakes a variety of tasks that include designing labels for the 'care to cook' project, making flyers and bagging food and delivery to the local parish.

Anti-Poverty Week starts on Sunday 15 to Saturday 21 October 2017 coinciding with the UN’s annual International Anti-Poverty Day on Tuesday 17 October 2017.

The Brisbane Christmas Basket Buddy is calling on volunteers now to donate food and/or a Christmas present for the homeless and families in need around the Brisbane area.

Feature by Leanne Edmistone. Appeared in U on Sunday (the Sunday Mail), 28 August 2011 The first thing strangers ask when they learn young bride Jenny Geale is a full-time volunteer is, how does she afford to eat? The second thing many assume is that she's just filling in time until she falls pregnant.

For many Christmas is a joyous and festive time to be spent with family and friends. Time spent having a BBQ, going to the beach or a game of backyard cricket. It’s a time to be grateful for the people in our lives and the country we live in.

Appeared on Pro Bono News, 13 March 2012 Organisations need to move beyond traditional practices and listen to the opinions of young people in order to improve their experience and attract them to volunteering, a new report has found. The Volunteering Queensland report, Young People as Volunteers, recommends ways in which companies can engage youth volunteers for activity and skills based volunteering, and identifies new approaches to volunteer roles through social media.

Our thoughts are currently with Central Queensland (Gladstone Regional Council Area) who are experiencing flooding in their area. There have been no calls for spontaneous volunteers at this time.

National Student Volunteer Week (NSVW) will be held on 14-20 August 2017. The week promotes and celebrates student volunteering and will see a wide variety of events, activities, forums and awareness-raising campaigns led by higher education providers and schools nationwide. Events include volunteer expos, lunchtime panels, student volunteer of the year awards, blood drives, cupcake days, greening projects and video presentations!

International Migrants Day is an international day observed for taking into account the large and increasing number of migrants in the world. On 4 December 2000, the United Nations appointed 18 December to be officially appointed as International Migrants Day and celebrated annually.

'Leave no woman behind' International Women’s Day is globally recognised to celebrate the amazing acts of courage and determination by ordinary women in their country and communities. The 2018 theme is ‘Leave no woman behind’acknowledges the essential role women play in humanitarian and natural disaster response.

Poor mental health in the workplace is currently costing Australian businesses $11 billion a year as revealed by researchers at the University of Tasmania. With approximately 45% of Australians experiencing some sort of mental health issue in their lifetime, it is likely that at some point, every worker will be affected by mental illness, either directly or indirectly.

As part of their Pirlirrpa Education Program, St James College recently held a Pirlirrpa Open Day & Volunteer Expo on the 8th August 2017. The stalls were run by students enrolled at Pirlirrpa (St James College) currently undertaking a CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering through Volunteering Queensland's Students As Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI).

Earlier in the year, Volunteering Queensland was involved in the 2013 Positive Ageing Journey Event and Expo. The Expo included an opportunity for a facilitator to present on social media and the ageing population, a topic that touches us all in many ways. With social media on the rise and technology developing at an amazing speed, having a training tool that is user friendly to all age groups is very important. Delivering a professional presentation to an audience who has a critical need to understand social media terminology and developing a resource for today’s society created a lot of interest here at Volunteering Queensland.

Sunday 3 September is the start of Queensland Child Protection Week (3-9 September 2017), and it is an opportunity for us all in the community to connect and think about how we can work together to keep all children safe and feeling protected. 

Sunday 8 October 2017 is the start of Queensland Mental Health Week.  The purpose of the week is to promote and raise awareness of mental health issues, wellbeing and an understating of what it means to people living with mental illness.

If you would like to recruit enthusiastic, skilled students for roles ranging from events volunteering through to specialist projects, look no further than the University of Queensland (UQ) Volunteer Expo. Last year over 1,500 students attended. The event is free to attend for all Australian registered charities and non-profit organisations.

In partnership with Volunteering Queensland (RTO #6020), Queensland Secondary Schools, Special Schools and Alternate Training Programs can offer their Year 11 and 12 students the chance to undertake a nationally recognised Certificate I, II or III in Active Volunteering through the Students As Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI). Brittany is one of the students completing a CHC24015 Certificate II in Active volunteering.

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