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Volunteer Disclaimer:
By providing your personal details to Volunteering Queensland for Ready Reading you agree that in so doing to the greatest extent that may be permitted by law that Volunteering Queensland shall have no liability whatsoever to you as result of making such details available to Department of Education, for the purpose of the Ready Reading program. Furthermore, you acknowledge that insofar as you shall be linked with any organisation as part of Ready Reading that you will make your own assessment to determine as whether such organisation and its requirements are appropriate to your needs and skills.
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Privacy Agreement:
I consent to allow Volunteering Queensland to forward my personal details to the Department of Education for the purpose of volunteering for the Ready Reading program, and to use the data for subsequent research and statistical analysis. I consent to being contacted by Volunteering Queensland for participation in future surveys and research.
  • I understand that to join the Ready Reading Corporate Volunteer program, I will be required to attend a half day of training and online training.
  • I am eligible to apply for a Working with Children Check (Blue Card) as outlined by Blue Card Services
  • I understand Volunteering Queensland will support me in applying and lodging the Working with Children Check prior to placement in a school
  • I acknowledged that I am unable to be placed in a school without completing the Working with Children Check process and training
  • I have read and understood the role requirements of a Ready Reading Volunteer
  • I agree to maintain confidentiality and privacy as a Ready Reading Corporate volunteer and will abide by the school’s policies, procedures and guidelines.
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